Summer Internship Research

November 8, 2013

Students in E&EB 460/461 have returned from their summer internships and are writing up their results. 

  • Divya Balaji: Understanding barriers to methadone assisted treatment among female injecting drug users in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Ryan Boyko: The role of transmission via domestic animals in hookworm incidence in Ghana (Ghana)
  • Alaric D’Souza: Investigation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis transmission and drug resistance using next-generation sequencing (Basel, Switzerland)
  • Dylan Duchen: Sequencing of immune-related iron transport genes in wild rodents and exploring their potential role in a host-pathogen evolutionary arms race of iron sequestration (Liverpool, UK)
  • Amara Frumkin: An investigation of the relationship between female urogenital schistosomiasis (FUS) and HIV transmission in rural Tanzanian women (Mwanza, Tanzania)
  • Shuaib Raza: The relationship between preoperative chemotherapy and postoperative pain (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • Stacy Scheuneman: Experimental evolution of oncoselectivity of MPVp5 viral capsid in B57-mel cells (at Yale)
  • Elisa Visher: Human genetic variation in innate immune response to infection with Salmonella and Listeria (Montreal, Canada)
  • Natasha Wenzel: The seasonal re-emergence of Nipah virus from flying foxes (at Yale)