ANTH 242: Human Evolutionary Biology and Life History

This course is designed to examine biological diversity in Homo sapiens from the perspective of evolutionary and life history theory. Variation in growth, immune function, maturation, reproductive function, and senescence are reviewed in reference to their potential adaptive significance. We will focus particular attention on non-western populations and their responses to environmental constraints such as energy expenditure and caloric intake. There is no prerequisite for this course.

Course Type: Undergraduate
Term: Spring 2015
Day/Time: Monday & Wednesday, 11:35a.m.-12:50p.m.

E&EB 228: Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases

Overview of the ecology and evolution of pathogens (bacteria, viruses, protozoa) and their impact on host populations. Topics include theoretical concepts, ecological and evolutionary dynamics, molecular biology, and epidemiology of ancient and emerging diseases.

Pre-requisites: BIOL 101-104 or permission of instructor

Course resources:

  • Syllabus


  • Spillover by David Quammen

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Professor: Paul Turner